This webpage presents a selection of my underwater pictures. My name is Fuensanta Candela Castillo, I was born in Murcia, Spain, in 1961. I am a lawyer and a biologist. I lived and worked in Brussels for 30 years as a European civil servant. My job for the last 12 years of my career was with the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission. I have now left the Commission and moved back to my native Spain for good (although you never know!).


I have been diving since 1992. In November 1998, I earned my scuba instructor ticket and took right away a year off to teach and divemaster in French Polynesia and the Red Sea. I only took up underwater photography in 2002 and have been travelling and shooting as often as I could ever since. During all these years I have been privileged to enjoy more than a thousand dives in many of the world’s most beautiful sites. By publishing these galleries on the net, I would like to bring a glimpse of that great beauty to my visitors. I hope only to share with all of you my deep love and passion for the sea and its inhabitants, big and small.


Coralrepublic does not represent a professional or profit activity, but all the images in my galleries are copyright covered. I reserve the right to take legal action against those using them without my written permission.  I will authorise their use for free for non-commercial purposes, provided credit is given to the authorship.


If you are interested, please contact me by email through the “Contact” link.


Also, do not hesitate to send me any comments or critics.


Dive in and enjoy!






Olympus C4040Z, Olympus PT10 housing, internal / external strobe Sea & Sea D90


Olympus C5050Z, Olympus PT15 housing, Inon WA and macro wet lenses, internal / external strobes Inon D2000


Canon EOS D350, Canon 60 mm macro and 10-22 zoom WA lenses, Sigma 17-70 zoom macro, Hugyfot housing with Heinrichs TTL converter, Inon Z240 strobes

2010 onwards (till further notice):

Canon EOS 550D – same lenses and strobes as before, Hugyfot 550D housing.



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