Djibouti 2006



That awful ship



Trip dates:

26 October to 2 November 2006

Boat / resort:


Dive centre:

Liveaboard trip arranged by the UK divetravel agent Regaldive.



Number of dives:

11 over 5 days, 7 of them in Seven Brothers. 4 in Goubbet, with 4 snorkelling rounds with whale sharks

Diving conditions:

Clear skies but quite windy, 28oC water temperature. Low visibility all-round (between 5 and 10 m). Particularly bad at El Goubbet. We had certainly expected better at Seven Brothers.


Iíve heard other peopleís wonderful stories about Djibouti, and I believe them. But my luck was off for this trip. I would have too much bad to say about it, so Iíll keep it short. Because of the liveaboardís awful, awful condition and the complete disastrous diving crew, it will take me ages to be able to agree on coming back. Suffice it to say that Regaldive easily agreed to re-fund part of the trip price (although not enough in my view) and that this boat is no longer on offer.

OK, Iíll give you a couple of hints as to why I am not a whining idiot: fuel leaking below the flooring made it impossible to breathe in the cabin. I got badly intoxicated and desperately sick. Had to sleep on the dirty planks of the dive deck. Marine toilets backed up, with 4 cabins flooded Ė this time we were lucky, not ours. Other people lost their iPods and other gadgets in the incident, not to count on the filthy smell. The divemasters could barely speak English (lousy arrangements for a charter group of all-UK divers plus the two of us), had nothing to say anyway in terms of dive briefings, and often spent their after-diving time complaining about our underwater behaviour, for some reason.

We had chosen this itinerary because it combined diving in the Seven Brothers (not often dived) and whale shark encounters in the Gulf of Goubbet. The former was disappointing because of bad visibility and inept dive organisation. We did have two good days of whale shark encounters in Goubbet, but dives there were really mucky. If you plan on going there, research your trip and boat carefully.


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