Manado, North Sulawesi 2003






Trip dates:

21 February 2003 3 March 2003

Boat / resort:

Tasik Ria Resort.

Dive centre:

Eco-Divers Manado (they have now moved their operation to the Kima Bajo Resort).


Yes! Large boats, camera facilities, full comfort (except when diving in Lembeh, out of traditionally built boats).

Number of dives:

22 out of 8 days of diving. One day excursion, 2 dives in Lembeh Strait.

Diving conditions:

Clear except one day (see picture of the boat above). Water temperature ranging from 25C in Lembeh to 28C in the Bunaken Marine Park dives. Excellent visibility in the Marine Park (20 to 30 m), much lower in Lembeh (5 to 10 m).


Lovely hotel and great quality for the price. The dive centre was superb. They let us do our check dive at the house reef the very same afternoon of our arrival, and that did away with the jet lag after flying from Europe via Singapore. We gave them our dive bags and they took care of everything until our departure, where we got everything rinsed and dry. Every day we found our kit set up on tanks aboard the huge boats. We usually left for the day, doing two or three dives in Bunaken. Lunch was served on board.

One day we took the Lembeh excursion and drove three hours over to Bitung, where we took off in a local boat for two dives. The muck diving in Lembeh is world famous and it is well worth a visit. Many people spend the whole diving holiday in Lembeh, but I personally prefer the walls of Bunaken, Siladen, Manado Tua and Montehague Islands. The Molas wreck dive is a must, and they have now found a number of muck dives close to the resort that come quite close to the quality one finds in Lembeh.

The divemasters at Eco Divers were not only skilful, but also very funny. They take guest divers for dinner once a week to Manado. We went dancing after dinner and had a lot of fun. On our last day we went to visit the highlands forest and see the tiny tarsier.


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