Seychelles 2004


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Trip dates:

17 Ė 20 July 2004

Boat / resort:

Berjaya Mahe Beach Resort in Mahe (I donít think this hotel is open any more?, it is not listed in the Berjaya chain website), B&Bs in La Digue and Praslin Islands, found on the go

Dive centre:

Big Blue Divers in Mahe, La Digue Island Lodge Dive Centre in La Digue


Day boats with basic facilities.

Number of dives:

2 dives in Mahe, 2 dives in La Digue.

Diving conditions:

Variable weather, windy, choppy seas. No currents. Water temperature 26įC. Visibility was not great, a bit better in La Digue than in Mahe.


I only did four dives in the Seychelles around a week of meetings there. Seychelles is where the headquarters of the Indian Ocean Tuna Comission is, and I went there to negotiate a new fisheries arrangement.

July is probably not the right diving season in Seychelles. Choppy seas stirred up a lot of fine sediment. Probably, this has something to do with the fact that the reefs were not very healthy. I was told that the corals had been hit hard by the Indian Ocean Nino event of 1998, and had not recovered.

Even so, there were critters around and I got some decent shots. The dive centres I went with had good enough boats for day dives. The sites were really close and the diving logistics were simple to handle. I note though that when I went diving in Mahe, the dive guide came to fetch me up at my hotel in the Eastern coast, drove me across the island and then drove me back after the dives, he even stopped to show me a few places and views. Nice.

I donít think the Seychelles are a good dive destination as such, even if they advertise as a hot point for whale sharks in the right season (September). Their tourism policy is to attract the kind of clientele interested in extremely luxurious and therefore expensive resorts. Hard core divers donít generally go for this, and certainly will not pay such a price for so-so diving quality. A cruise to the Aldabra Atoll, however, sounds like a dream dive trip, but the season is very short, the place very remote, and therefore the cruise is long and costs a fortune. Maybe some day.

Pictures taken with my Olympus C-5040Z and its internal strobe.


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