Southern Red Sea, 2007




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Trip dates:

1 – 11 November 2007

Boat / resort:

M/Y Emperor Asmaa.

Dive centre:

Emperor Divers.


Yes: camera table, rinse tanks.

Number of dives:

16 out of 5.5 days of diving.

Diving conditions:

Clear throughout the trip, as usual in the Red Sea. Water temperature 26°C. Superb visibility (20 to 30 m), some currents but perfectly manageable.


Cruise to St John’s Reef and fury shoal, booked with the Spanish dive travel agent Ultima Frontera, which were very helpful dealing with our miscellaneous group.

We were 8 people, coming from 5 different places to Madrid, where we all met and took the flights to Hurghada via Cairo.

Nice boat with good cabins, your usual Red Sea fare for food. Good organisation on board, Divemasters were OK, but did not really dive with us a lot, we were a group of experienced divers. We did not see sharks, missed the longimanus (we only saw one from the boat, in the dark after dinner one day). We liked St. John’s for the caves and swimthroughs, but hated Elphinstone this time. Far too many boats, so many divers one could not see the reef on approach because of the thick curtain of bubbles all along the wall. How can you ever expect to see sharks like this?

I did mostly wide angle photography, which I find extremely difficult. The opportunities, however, were so many!

Paul and I stayed for a 3-day stopover in Cairo and had a great time playing chicken with cars when crossing streets, had totally unsafe street food – which was delicious and did not make us sick, and failed utterly to get in at a genuine belly dancing joint near Giza… They told us these are not places for tourists, only Saudi rich guys are allowed. The best was the visit to the Pyramids when we came across a Japanese group equipped with head torches. Funny!


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