Wakatobi, 2005





Trip dates:

11- 24 September 2005

Boat / resort:

Wakatobi  Dive Resort – Group trip organised by Island Dreams Travel

Dive centre:

Wakatobi dive centre


Extremely, camera room with AC, all sorts of facilities, including on the dive boats. The whole logistics and facilities have been built with UW photographers in mind.

Number of dives:

28 superb dives over 9 days of diving.

Diving conditions:

Clear and sunny – very hot. Very calm, mirror-like seas. Excellent visibility, some current on certain sites. Water temperature 25-26°C.  Nitrox diving is a must here.


2005 has been my best year in terms of spoiling myself with amazing diving. A few days after returning from Cocos, I joined an Island Dreams group led by Ken Knezick. He has been taking a group there for 13 years (!) and he does not seem ready to stop this annual event. Group trips are always around October, when the conditions there are just perfect. I was travelling alone and had a bungalow all for me.

I can’t but admire the divers that went to Wakatobi before they started their own charter flights from Bali. You had to make all you way to Bali and then spend like three days on ferries around the South Sulawesi region to reach it. In my case, I joined the group in Bali for a night in the very very, nice Alam Kul Kul hotel in Kuta Beach and we all flew together to Wakatobi the day after. We Spent 10 nights in the Resort. All guests were divers and the place is really geared to afford you as many dives as you can possibly want or fit in a day, from dawn to night. The house reef is great both at dawn and on night dives, and in between you can fit three or four boat dives. In my case, I had another annoying case of ear infection and missed a day.

Their boats are ample and very comfortable. The ladder for entry or exit is actually in the middle of the boat, like a small tub.  They also have a small boat to drop you off at the edge of the house reef and many people made most of their dives there, since there is so much stuff worth shooting.

Everybody was shooting, with big cameras too. This is a place for macro, so not a good destination for those who like big stuff. Even so, we crossed a few whitetips and the odd eagle ray, on occasion. Lately there have been reports of whale sharks sightings, but not very frequently.

Ken’s groups are so regular that he gets the best treatment you can have at Wakatobi. We were completely spoilt.  All the sites were amazing, but I liked two in particular (apart from the house reef), namely Blade and Pinkie’s Wall.

On the way back to Europe, I spent another night in Alam Kul Kul where I spoiled myself rotten on Indonesian spa treatments.


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